The Fund for Defense of Net Neutrality is a French not-for-profit organisation, under 1901 law, targeted to collect money and fund actions and projects whose goal is to defend and promote net neutrality, and more widely free speech on the Internet.

The association was created at the end of 2008, to support the funding of La Quadrature du Net and is designed to support more projects.

You will find in the Projects menu a list of the projects we are currently funding, and for each of them a short introduction.

Usefull informations:

  • If you are already a funder for FDN², the funders' site will help you, after authentication, to get information about your previous grants, to access budget informations about our actions, get back receipts for your grants, etc.
  • To grant one or several projects directly with Credit Card, a web site should be available quickly.
  • To become a regular funder (which would, for now, require a bank account in Europe), here it is: inscription.