This method is the most efficient for us, but so far we can only use it from bank accounts in SEPA (extended european) area, to make levies on those bank accounts, every month, of the corresponding amount the funders chose.

The less expensive method is the automatic prelevement, on a SEPA area bank account. This demarche is a bit more complicated though :

  1. register yourself on the site,
  2. get the confirmation email;
  3. validate your email address clicking on the provided link [1];
  4. print the levy authorization (given to you in PDF format);
  5. mail it back, via post services, at the association address : FDNN, 16 rue de Cachy, 80090 Amiens FRANCE.

With your FDNN website account, you can :

  • stop at any time, temporarily or defintively, a recurring levy;
  • cancel, for instance for the current month, every levy within its previous week [2];
  • register a ponctual gift (money transfert);
  • change your targeted bank account;
  • etc.

You can decide to give to a particular project, or different amounts to different projects [3] or give to any FDNN funded projects. This way, FDN² will divide the amount following each project needs.


[1] It's the only way for us to know that you didn't put the address of someone else.

[2] You are informed of a levy at least 7 days before we send it to the bank.

[3] For instance 3 euros every month to a project and 5 euros every month to another.