The legals for the FDNN are available in PDF and in French (any translation in english would be welcome). The structure of the association is quite simple.

The association leaders are the president and the treasurer, who are per definition the president and the treasurer of FDN. The day-to-day management of the association is extremely simple (receive funds, dispatch).

A Governance Council decides which projects FDNN is going to support, the list of the members of that council is published on the web site of the organisation.

An annual financial summary, summarizing the grants, the costs, and the dispatch of the funds to the various projects, is available for people making grants (and can possibly be made public).

The details accounts are controled and approved by the General Assembly of FDN.

FDNN has no members or subscribers, in the classical meaning, neither have it a General Assembly. One cannot become a part of the organisation by subscribing or paying a fee.