The Fund for Defense of Net Neutrality (FDNN) is a French not-for-profit organisation. Its main goal is to help funding other projects and organisations involved in the defense of net neutrality, and more widely on the defense of freespeech on the Internet.

This organisation is a spin-off from FDN [1], isolated from the mother organisation to have more suited statuses for such a different activity, but the control is, at the end, in FDN's hands.

FDNN is an organisation which, almost per definition, does not take decisions. It does collect money, for the others projects and organisations it supports, and dispatch those funds to them. The way it is done may vary, either a direct wire-transfer on a regular basis, or a more fine management for very-small size organisations.

Indeed, for some very-small organisations, the logistic to pay a salary in France can be quite complex (lots of administrative stuff to do, declarations, and so on). In such cases, FDNN can directly pay the salaries, taking the money from the funds collected for that organisation.

The only decisions taken for real at FDNN are extremely basics: should we support, or not, such a project?

Once the decision is made, knowing what they do with the money is none of our business, but the responsibility of the funded project. Of course, we do keep in touch with the funded projects, and we are usually aware of what they do, we do not involve in their internal matters.

What are the costs of FDNN? Almost zero. There are costs related to collecting money (money tranfers always have a cost, ask your bank), there are some others costs, like having a bank account, or puchasing a few stamps. But most of the structural costs really related to FDNN are kindly provided by FDN (like the web site).

Notes :

[1] FDN, for French Data Network is a french non-for-profit organisation. It have been created in april 1992. It is the oldest, still-alive, Internet Access Provider in France. This Internet Access Provider is "user powered", it is run, voluntarily, by its users, for its users, only by benevolent people.